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Hazel is new in town and tomorrow is her first day at her new school. Hazel is a shy young girl and she never seems to feel that she fits in with the other children.  

You see, Hazel likes to dress different.  She loves her black dresses, her black and white tights and most of all her pointy black hat.  

​But as much as Hazel loves the way she looks, she was also worried that the other kids might not...
Hazel's mother reassures her that she should always be herself no matter what anyone thinks.  Which helps the butterflies in Hazel's belly to disappear.  But when Hazel kisses mom good bye and heads off to school, it is a whole other story...
​Children love Hazel and can easily identify with her experiences.
As an author of a bullying prevention book, I have visited many classes to help empower children to be themselves despite what others say. Easier said than done.  When a child is approached by a bully will they remember all of the things that I said? Probably not, and that is where Hazel comes in.  We can talk to our children day-and-night but when they are in it, it is a whole different story.  

Hazel empowers and relates to children on a personal level.  They actually feel her pain and do not like seeing what happens to her because she is such an innocent, loving, good hearted child.  Kids are naturally innocent and loving until the world kicks in.  Hazel shows what a child can do if they are in trouble, what bullying looks like from the outside, and most importantly she proves that being a bully doesn't make you look good! 

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Visit the webpage for discussion questions based on the book, a coloring page, Signup to receive Letters From Hazel to your students/children each month, and great resources on bullying.  
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W/ Love, R.G. Frazia

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